Thursday, April 2, 2009

Peter Dolving (The Haunted) Issues Fuck You to Lamb of God

Seriously folks. You could go out and see any of a number of bands in the next four weeks. What you’ll receive will of course be generic deliverance of generic metalcore by the numbers and certainly you won’t be more than slightly disappointed. The big one this time around out there being the Lamb Of God tour. Which will according to business-planned management crawl itself around the North Americas for the next year and a half or so like a big snake. You could dig that shit and think ‘Holy mutherfucking hell! That shit rocks!’ or you could go and see the Haunted once and for all prove what metal is all about. But only if you want to have a good time. Only if you want to feel alive. Only if you like that feeling of actually realizing everything is not fucked utterly and beyond belief. But I guess if you are a sad, self-pitying son of a bitch you won’t go. Oh what the hell, really, don’t go. Most of those who read this don’t really give a shit anyway do you? You’d rather stay in a saline filled tank fed intravenously with a constant intake of whatever, whoever carries the biggest gun and wad of dollars has to say wants to feed you.

Peter Dolving is the current lead singer of The Haunted and he is apparently very proud of his band. The Haunted is okay, but they really are not much better than Lamb of God to be honest. In fact the bands are fairly similar in that they are more mainstream in the metal world. Ultimately it doesn't mean much for a member of The Haunted to insult Lamb of God. Wake me up when Dawn of Azazel gets in someone's face.

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  1. I find this funny, because I saw The Haunted live on that tour and it was one of the funkiest, most awkwardly performed shows I've ever witnessed. Lamb of God, on the other hand, are not exactly my cup of tea but I've seen them a couple times and they do put on a pretty solid show.

    So even with my predisposition toward Swedish metal I'd still rate Lamb of God quite bit higher on the live performance scale.