Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dusting Off a Cassette Pt. 6: Confessor: Confessor

"What the hell is technical doom metal?" That was my thought after picking up this cassette for cheap at a discount music store and then looking into the band online upon getting it home. After listening, my thought was "oh, that makes sense then."

I picked the tape up, not because I had ever heard of the band, but because I was on a buying spree for tapes. This is one of those that you can just tell by the cover is a metal album. I was expecting some type of underground death or thrash metal. I got technical doom. In a nutshell, Confessor takes the technical aspects of groups like Atheist, Heathen, and Pestilence and instead of applying it to death or thrash, applies it to traditional doom metal in the vein of Cirith Ungol or Trouble, in fact two of the tracks are Trouble covers. It's quite an interesting sound. The vocals are not great, but the music, especially the drummer is terrific. My only lament is that it is a little bit too short, clocking in around 20 minutes and only four songs.

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