Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ghost B.C.: Infestissuman (2013)

I had this album going on a continuous loop on Halloween.  It was not the greatest day in the world.  I worked and then went back to the old house to finish cleaning it up so we could turn the keys over to the landlord.  After that was finally finished we went to the new house and watched Event Horizon.

But at least it felt a little like Halloween to have this album playing while I was working or driving in the car.  This album has a pretty good Halloween vibe to it, it is kind of spooky in a somewhat campy way.  Ghost followed up on their highly-acclaimed debut full-length with an album that builds on their sound that captivated so many on their previous release.  It is a strange and varied album that was not immediately rewarding, but it grew on me so much with repeated listens that it could make my Top Ten for the year.

When Ghost (as they were known then) released their debut many were comparing them to a mix between Blue Oyster Cult and Mercyful Fate.  I have no idea where the Mercyful Fate comparisons came from, honestly, other than the dark and ominous sound.  Blue Oyster Cult is a much better comparison due to their often eclectic sound.  On any given album you had no idea what the next song would sound like.  That is much the case here where the band can go from straight-forward 70's rock to the bizarrely campy "Guleh/Zombie Queen" which would not sound out of place played after "The Monster Mash".

I said earlier that this album was somewhat disappointing the first time I heard it.  Maybe it's because I was looking for more of the same as their first album.  But it was a grower and it formed the perfect soundtrack to Halloween this year for me.  It is clear we are never going to know what to expect from Ghost.  And that's kind of a good thing.