Monday, April 18, 2011

Poll Results: Other Genres You Listen To

Well here are the results:

Hard Rock: 8
Pop: 3
Rap: 1
R&B: 1
Country: 2
Jazz: 3
Classical: 4
Blues: 2
Classic Rock: 5
Nu-Metal: 2
Alternative: 2
Hip Hop: 2
Techno: 1
Other: 2

I am not surprised by the results of this poll. Metalheads frequently listen to a variety of other styles. I listen to a few bands outside of metal, certainly not very many, and all of them can be fit in the hard rock genre. The non-metal bands I listen to most frequently are Blue Oyster Cult, Misfits, Tool, and Monster Magnet. BOC and Misfits of course were influences on Metallica, among many other metal bands, and since I like some stoner rock, Monster Magnet kind of fits in. I also occasionally dig out some of the old nu-metal bands I listened to early on, stuff like System of a Down, Static-X, Deadlights, and Godsmack. It doesn't happen often though.

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