Thursday, April 14, 2011

My 100 Favorite Metal Bands Pt. 6: Amorphis

I remember the first time I heard Amorphis. Their song "Divinity" made it onto some MTV show spotlighting up and coming artists from other countries. Or something like that. I remember I was in high school and was so impressed by the song that I went to Best Buy that same day and picked up the CD. That was a great idea.

Amorphis originally played Scandinavian style death metal but was also one of the first bands to really experiment by adding folk elements and melodies to their songs. Most of their songs deal with Finnish mythology. Later they went in more of a progressive metal direction, and actually continued to put out amazing albums. Their material today is just as good as their earlier material, just in a different way. It's hard to decide which version of the band I actually like the best. That is just one reason why they make this list.


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  1. How many bands are so consistently great, yet so varied in their style? I can't name another one. This was a great pick.