Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Favorite Metal Band from the Czech Republic

Root is definitely a different kind of metal band. Rising from the first wave of black metal, their music has become much more grandiose and epic in sound. Vocalist Big Boss delivers the lyrics in a deep, booming baritone style. The music is more theatrical with influences from a variety of metal styles. Root truly has a unique sound that has never really been duplicated.

NOTABLE SCENES: First wave black metal.

Maniac Butcher
Master's Hammer


  1. You skipped Colombia, and I see Inquisition in your sidebar. What do you think of the album?

  2. I didn't skip Colombia. Go down a few posts. I have not had time to really allow that to sink in and when I wrote the post, I did not even have that yet. There will be an Initial Impressions going up soon.

    Witchtrap was the winner in Colombia for now, with the caveat that Inquisition will likely take over.