Friday, April 29, 2011

Initial Impressions: Evil Incarnate: Waiting for His Return

Evil Incarnate is a little-known death metal band from Illinois off of Hell's Headbangers record label. This is absolutely old-school death metal. The band bears a sonic similarity to the great Nunslaughter. It is evil, fast, and aggressive death metal with a dark and sinister atmosphere.

For all of the changes that death metal has undergone over the years, it is refreshing that there are still bands out there like Evil Incarnate that are devoted to the old ways and play death metal the way it was originally played. It is nice that there have been changes, but sometimes I do want to hear a new band that wears their old school influences on their sleeve. Evil Incarnate pulls this off without sounding intentionally retro.

The riffs on this thing are all about beating the listener into submission. It is not an album of pretty and catchy music. It is about brutality, plain and simple. It is really kind of a unique album in that way. It's not supposed to be an album that gets under your skin and has you singing the songs all day long. They just create as much utter chaos as they can for about half an hour.

When all is said and done, this is an interesting album. The sheer force and aggressiveness with which the band uses to pummel the listener is memorable, even if the riffs and songs are not.

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