Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Favorite Metal Band from Ireland

Primordial is one of the best pagan/folk/black metal bands going right now and one of the few that is enjoying some metal mainstream success, thanks largely to their presence on Metal Blade. The band has a knack for heart-wrenching epics about their country's history and mythology. Their music is bittersweet and emotional, but it is also catchy and brings the listener back for more. Vocalist A.A. Nemtheanga possesses an extremely powerful voice that fits in very well with the music.

Mourning Beloveth


  1. I think the vocals are what really make this band. The music is pretty low-key, allowing him to shine. The formula would fail miserably if he wasn't so good.

    I would probably put Primordial in the top spot as well, but Altar of Plagues is fast catching up.

  2. I agree the vocals definitely make this band. His voice is very strong and they would probably not be noticed at all if not for him.