Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grammys Fuck Up Again


The Grammys, already well known for their vast knowledge and attention to the genre of metal, recently decided to streamline their awards show, combining several awards and dropping some as well. One of the casualties is the metal award which has been combined with the hard rock award. Which means that they will likely stop nominating any metal albums at all. That's just great. Luckily no one has given much of a shit about what the Grammys have to say for a long time anyway.


  1. I actually DO see this as a good thing. Instead of having a metal Grammy that's a total joke, now it's effectively just dissolved. Better to have nothing at all than to be stuck with something that's terrible.

  2. Very true. I am thinking that we probably will not be seeing the Grammy voters even attempt to put in any metal unless it's something like Metallica.

  3. I should say, that I just find the Grammys incredibly amusing. It's not that I take them entirely seriously or anything like that. It's just a favorite target of mine.