Monday, April 25, 2011

My 100 Favorite Metal Bands Pt. 14: Black Sabbath

Well, everyone should have known that Black Sabbath would make this list. Black Sabbath started it all. They were the very first metal band and their music became the framework for the doom metal genre. Their first five albums are utter classics. They wrote some of the most enduring metal songs of all time. There just really is not much more to say. Black Sabbath was the original. Everything we listen to now was made possible because of Black Sabbath.

As I mentioned, the first five albums with Ozzy Osbourne behind the mic are absolute classics. But even though the band went through a number of lineups (Tony Iommi is the only constant member), the band still managed to put out great albums with different singers. The material with Ronnie James Dio has gotten a lot of attention in recent years and the material with Tony Martin remains vastly underrated.



  1. As you said, the most obvious pick of all time. Black Sabbath are the Beatles of metal, and we love them for it.

  2. Nobody else has put a 5 album run together of this quality to this very day. 4 albums, yes, as Metallica's first 4 are at least on par, but not 5. Only time will tell if Mastodon can do it--Remission through Crack the Skye has been pretty impressive so far--but I think it will take some chronological separation from the events before it can be accurately judged.

  3. I can't see Mastodon stacking up personally. I kind of think they lost a lot of it after Blood Mountain.