Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I was looking back at some of my old posts and realized that I forgot about a band on the Christian metal post. So, here's XINR, a band that is fairly unknown.

XINR was a band from the Portland, OR area in 1984. Their music career only lasted a year in which time they did some shows around the Pacific Northwest. The band recorded some demos with the intention of eventually releasing a full length album. Unfortunately that day would never come. Guitarist Shaun Tramel and singer Tony Saiz died in a motorcycle accident in 1984. Just recently, Stormspell Records got a hold of the band's only recordings and went about finding the remaining band members for permission to release them. Eventually they were successful and we have Beyond Woodward. The band played a traditional style of metal mostly influenced by NWOBHM bands. The lyrics are Christian, but they are not overly preachy. This is a pretty decent album, a good look at a band that never made out, although they clearly had talent. It's a shame.

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