Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekly Recap: January 24-30

It was a busy week for work. I actually missed work on Monday. I was not feeling well Sunday night, which continued into Monday morning, so I stayed home. My wonderful fiancee took care of me. Thanks honey. When I got back to work, of course, I had a mountain of work waiting for me. Lots of phone calls to make and some big projects. I had four projects to do for one of the partners. Three involved drafting jury instructions, one of my least favorite things to do. Two of the cases were luckily virtually identical slip and fall cases. The third though was significantly more difficult, involving a breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation. The final project was to outline a breach in opposition to the Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment in the latter case. All very exciting.

This week, J.D. Salinger and Zelda Rubinstein died. I read The Catcher in the Rye twice while in school. I never cared for it. That said, Salinger was an interesting person. Zelda Rubinstein was the psychic medium in the Poltergeist movies and is notable for a squeaky voice and being very very short. The original Poltergeist movie is a classic.

As for the metal world, nothing going on this week. I already posted a couple of things I noticed this week. Other than that, very little to report.

Amorphis: Silent Waters
Apophis: I am Your Blindness
Atomizer: Songs of Slaughter-Songs of Sacrifice
Autopsy: Horrific Obsession
Blood Red Throne: Affiliated with the Suffering
Bloodbath: Resurrection Through Carnage
Candlemass: Candlemass
Coffins: Buried Death
Cynic: Traced in Air
Dark Fortress: Eidolon
Despair: Beyond All Reason
Destroyer 666: Cold Steel...For an Iron Age
Destroyer 666: Defiance
Destroyer 666: Phoenix Rising
Destroyer 666: Terror Abraxas
Destroyer 666: Unchain the Wolves
Destroyer 666: Violence is the Prince of this World
Devourment: Unleash the Carnivore
Dimmu Borgir: Death Cult Armageddon
Embalmer: There was Blood Everywhere
God Dethroned: Passiondale
Grand Magus: Iron Will
GZR: Plastic Planet
Hail of Bullets: ...Of Frost and War
Hibria: Defying the Rules
High on Fire: Death is this CommunionHollenthon: Opus Magnum
Holy Moses: Agony of Death
Hyades: And the Worst is Yet to Come
Iron Maiden: Brave New World
Lair of the Minotaur: War Metal Battle Master
Lost Horizon: A Flame to the Ground Beneath
Manticora: 8 Deadly Sins
Naglfar: Pariah
Nocturnal Fear: Code of Violence
Nocturnus: The Key
Nox: Ixaxaar
Nunslaughter: Hex
Omnium Gatherum: The Red Shift
Outworld: Outworld
Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Sin
Paradise Lost: Icon
Primordial: To the Nameless Dead
Sarcolytic: Thee Arcane Progeny
Septicflesh: Communion
Slayer: Divine Intervention
Thanatos: Justified Genocide
The Gates of Slumber: Conqueror
Tristania: World of Glass
Vader: Impressions in Blood
Vader: Live in Japan
Vader: Necropolis
Vader: The Art of War
Within Temptation: The Heart of Everything
Wormed: Planisphaerium
Yyrkoon: Occult Medicine

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