Friday, January 1, 2010

Songs About the Legal System

Or some semblance thereof.

Armored Saint: Hanging Judge
Bleeding Through: Hollywood Prison
Carnal Forge: Testify for My Victims
Deceased...: Victims of the Masterplan
Dying Fetus: Raping the System
Havok: Ivory Tower
Judas Priest: Breaking the Law
Intruder: N.G.R.I. (Not Guilty for Reasons of Insanity)
Macabre: Trial
Megadeth: Peace Sells
Megadeth: 502
Megadeth: Captive Honour
Megadeth: Kick the Chair
Metallica: ...And Justice for All
Misery Index: the Arbiter
Ozzy Osbourne: Perry Mason
Testament: Malpractice

There's a lot of songs about crime and a lot of songs about execution, but not a lot about stuff in the middle. Each of these songs details some aspect of the legal system. Interesting, but not particularly noteworthy I suppose.


  1. this song is more about academia and egotistical scholars than the legal system. although i guess i could see where your idea could be valid as well...

  2. and by this song i meant to say, Havok: Ivory Tower.