Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Week in Metal and My Life Jan. 3-9, 2010

Well the first full week of the new year is in the bag. It has been a crazy week for weather. We got some more snow and temperatures dropped to an amazing -22 degrees last night. We've been staying as warm as possible at Casa de Metallattorney. The dogs are not happy though. We have had to tie them to the front porch as we cannot get to their dog run thanks to the 30 plus inches of snow we have gotten in recent weeks and the high wind, which those two elements combined to put a nice five foot tall snow drift in front of the dog run. Good times. The fiancee and I have mostly hung around the house. We watched some movies this week and otherwise, things were not really all that exciting.

Work was hectic this week. I started the week off on a good foot when I successfully negotiated a pretty good plea agreement for one of my clients. I then spent four hours in a deposition. It was the longest afternoon of my life. The end of the week went reasonably well also as one of my other clients indicated a willingness to accept a proposed settlement agreement. Big relief there. The agreement still needs to be mediated, but it's a start.

As for metal, no real exciting news this week. Cobalt's Phil McSorley appeared on Fox News' Red Eye. I have not had a chance to watch the clip yet. McSorley has spent considerable time in service abroad and is a sergeant in the U.S. Army. I have enormous respect for all of our soldiers. I haven't really checked out Cobalt's music but know they are well-received critically. Perhaps it's time to do so. Slayer backed out of a tour with Megadeth and Testament due to singer Tom Araya's back trouble. Get well soon, Tom. Soundgarden announced a reunion, in my opinion this is a big mistake. Christopher Lee (yes Saruman from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Count Dooku and Dracula, etc.) will be releasing a symphonic metal album centered around Charlemagne. I listened to some samples and was largely underwhelmed. We'll see what comes of this. AHHHHHHHHHH! Limp Bizkit is coming back.

That's it for that shit. And now, for the list of albums I listened to this last week:
Behemoth: Demigod
Behemoth: Evangelion
Behemoth: Pandemonic Incantations
Behemoth: The Apostacy
Behemoth: Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)
Blitzkrieg: A Time of Changes
Devastation: Idolatry
Intruder: Psycho Savant
Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind
Kawir: Ophiolatreia
King Diamond: The Spider's Lullaby
Lamb of God: Ashes of the Wake
Malevolent Creation: Envenomed
Manowar: Kings of Metal
Megadeth: The System has Failed
Mercyful Fate: Don't Break the Oath
Militia: Released
Mundanus Imperium: The Spectral Spheres Coronation
Naglfar: Harvest
Night in Gales: Nailwork
Night in Gales: Thunderbeast
Nile: Annihilation of the Wicked
Opeth: Ghost Reveries
Overkill: Killbox 13
Postmortem: Repulsion
Pro-Pain: Foul Taste of Freedom
Queensryche: The Warning
Raise Hell: Holy Target
Raven: Wiped Out
Sanatorium: Internal Womb Cannibalism
Satyricon: Now, Diabolical
Savatage: Ghost in the Ruins
Scar Symmetry: Dark Matter Dimensions
Scar Symmetry: Symmetric in Design
Sculpture: Sculpture
Sepultura: Beneath the Remains
Sinner: The Nature of Evil
Slauter Xstroyes: Winter Kill
Slayer: Reign in Blood
Soilwork: Figure Number Five
Soul Reaper: Written in Blood
Strapping Young Lad: Alien
Swallow the Sun: Hope
Symphony X: Paradise Lost
Therion: Gothic Kabbalah
Tiamat: The Astral Sleep
Watchtower: Energetic Disassembly

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