Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wormphlegm: Tomb of the Ancient King

Readers might have guessed that I have been on a bit of a funeral doom kick lately.  Wormphlegm is yet another example of this.  I checked them out particularly after noting that members in Tyranny were also involved in Wormphlegm.  Wormphlegm's sound though is quite a bit different than the music of Tyranny and the other funeral doom metal bands I have been checking out lately.

The music of Wormphlegm is terrifying, even moreso than the typical music from the genre.  There is a certain cold atmosphere to Wormphlegm, similar to black metal, that is missing in other funeral doom metal bands.  The songs are all extremely long, but they are suffocating and spine-chilling.  The music is slow but crushingly heavy and tortuous.  The production is similar to black metal, being somewhat thinner than many other bands from the genre.  That adds to the colder atmosphere however and adds to the darker feel to the album.

All of the typical hallmarks of a funeral doom metal album are present on this release.  The music crawls along at a snail's pace.  The riffs are alternately extremely heavy or droning.  The vocals are deep and guttural roars.

Wormphlegm have definitely succeeded in crafting one of the most dark and disturbing albums I have personally ever heard.  The band takes the oppressiveness of funeral doom and the cold atmosphere of black metal and combined them into one disgusting mass.  The result is not something that should be listened to in solitary darkness.

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