Saturday, December 1, 2012

Top 10 New Thrash Metal Songs

Recently Lich King posted a question on Facebook asking users to name their top ten favorite songs from thrash metal bands that have formed since 2001.  Since I love thrash metal, I will list mine.  Youtube clips are after the jump.  Some of these are not pure thrash metal bands, with some black, death, or speed metal influence, but they will all lead to broken necks.

10.  Devastator: "Nuclear Holocaust"

9.  Merciless Death: "Tormented Fate"

8.  Nocturnal Fear: "Flamethrower Holocaust"

7.  Havok: "Afterburner"

6.  Blood Tsunami: "Rampage of Revenge"

5.  Warbringer: "Scorched Earth"

4.  Skeletonwitch: "Cleaver of Souls"

3.  Vektor: "Cosmic Cortex"

2.  Evile: "Nosophoris"

1.  Revocation: "The Watchers"

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