Monday, December 17, 2012

Cataoguing My Metal Collection Pt. 41

ARTIST:  Megadeth
ORIGIN:  Los Angeles, CA (United States)
TITLE:  So Far, So Good...So What!
LABEL:  Capitol Records
YEAR:  1988
GENRE:  Thrash Metal
FAVORITE SONG:  "In My Darkest Hour"
NOTES:  I got this one for Christmas along with the next two.  For some reason this has never really been one of my favorite Megadeth albums.  It definitely has some good songs on it, but some bad ones too.  I have never liked the "Anarchy in the U.K." cover, perhaps because I do not care at all for the Sex Pistols.  Other than "In My Darkest Hour", this album just feels rushed without as many of the classic tracks that Megadeth has become known for.  That being said, it is a decent fun thrash metal album to listen to.

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