Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Bands Right Now...

I have said it before and I will say it again, my tastes change all the time.  I have long been hesitant to tell people my favorite band, because in a couple of weeks it could be someone completely different.  There are certain albums I always come back to, but bands may change over time, and quite drastically.  I will always love the early Metallica and Black Sabbath albums, but neither of those two bands are considered favorites of mine right now.  So without further ado, my top five favorite bands at this moment.

I would consider Overkill to be the most consistent thrash metal band in America.  Just about every single album they release has been terrific.  Even more unusual is the fact that they continue to put out great albums time after time, and still put on an excellent live show.

Another amazingly consistent band, the only reason that Testament is higher than Overkill is the fact that they released what is my favorite song of all time, "Return to Serenity".  They are also still going strong and released a terrific album just this year.

Quite possibly the most underrated band in America.  Rarely is Deceased... mentioned when talking about great heavy metal bands, but they are truly one of a kind.  Originally a standard death metal band, they gradually added more and more traditional metal elements into their music.

Goatwhore just continues getting better and better.  Featuring an unholy mixture of sludge, black, death, and thrash metal, Goatwhore is as dirty and filthy sounding as metal gets.  Every successive album Goatwhore releases is better than the one before it.

I have loved Rotting Christ since the first time I heard them.  There is just something about their gothic-style black(ish) metal that sounds amazing.  It's catchy and eerie-sounding, the kind of thing you would expect to hear as the soundtrack to a battle scene in 300.

Destroyer 666

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  1. All very strong picks.

    For some reason I've never really connected with Voivod or Destroyer 666, but they're in that vein of bands I respect even if I don't really enjoy them.