Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tyranny: Tides of Awakening

Well since it is unclear whether Catacombs will ever release another album of Lovecraftian-inspired funeral doom metal again, I was concerned about what to do.  Luckily I found Tyranny.  Tyranny specializes in Lovecraft-inspired funeral doom.  Sound familiar?  Tyranny is a little bit different than Catacombs of course. They are from Finland and there are two members in the band, whose roles are a little mysterious.

As I have stated in my review of the Catacombs album, I cannot imagine a more fitting style of music to accompany Lovecraftian imagery.  The album cover is what drew my attention to the band, and the song titles certainly helped.  The song titles read like Lovecraft, though are not direct references as far as I am aware.  "Coalescent of the Inhumane Awareness" and "In the Arcane Clasp of Unwritten Horrors" are two great examples.

Tyranny is made up of members of Wormphlegm (a band I will cover soon) and they play a style of funeral doom very similar to the aforementioned Catacombs, somewhat different than Wormphlegm.  The music is harsh and epic, with an incredibly powerful atmosphere.  It is slow and extremely heavy, obviously, as that is essentially what makes funeral doom.  The album is made up of four highly impressive longer songs and one moody instrumental at the very end.  The album is difficult to listen to as background, it demands attention and takes some time to absorb.  Again, this is typical of the genre.

This is not a vastly different album than other funeral doom releases, but it is always good to have some more Lovecraft-inspired funeral doom.  It creates an oppressive atmosphere and is uncomfortable to listen to, which is the sign of a good funeral doom album.  This is a good funeral doom album.

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