Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cataloguing My Metal Collection Pt. 32

ARTIST:  White Zombie
ORIGIN: Haverhill, MA (United States)
TITLE:  La Sexorcisto - Devil Music Vol. 1
LABEL:  Geffen Records
YEAR:  1992
GENRE:  Groove Metal
FAVORITE SONG:  "Welcome to Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag"
NOTES:  This is the album that put White Zombie on the map.  It was the release of "Thunderkiss '65" that garnered the band a lot of attention and it was well-deserved.  This is a very energetic album that was most notable for its sense of campy, yet sinister, fun.  The most impressive aspect of this release is that it is something that could be danced to, odd in the metal universe.  Not that I ever danced, mind you.

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