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I have thankfully rid myself of most of the soundtracks I have owned in the past. When I was younger, soundtracks were an additional way of getting music I would not have heard otherwise. I owned quite a few over the years. Now, I have gotten rid of all but two, neither of which I really listen to much anymore.

The first point I want to make is that just because I owned the soundtrack, does not mean I enjoyed the movie. Hell, I haven't even seen the movies for a couple of these, nor would I want to.

These are the soundtracks I have owned with some random notes about them:

I have never seen the movie, or even the original movie and I never intend to. I believe I bought this thing because it was extremely cheap and it had some decent songs on it. Megadeth provided "Go to Hell" one of the better songs the band has released after pushing for a more mainstream sound. Faith No More and King's X both had very good songs. The rest range from listenable to "oh my fucking god why won't this end?!" Lots of glam bands on here, including the bad Slaughter, Winger, Kiss, and Love on Ice (who?). This really is terrible with the exception of the three songs listed earlier which are mercifully all on one side and only a Primus song comes between them.

I can't remember why I bothered to pick this up. There must have been a reason, but I can't think of one. Most of the songs I liked were all on other albums, such as Ministry, Rob Zombie, Monster Magnet, and Rage Against the Machine. Other than Ministry, there are no other metal songs. There's lots of techno, a genre of music I find irritating. I have no idea why I wasted the money on this. Thankfully I no longer own it. The movie was good though.

This movie was the brainchild of Twisted Sister's Dee Snider about a man obsessed with body art and inflicting it upon others, mostly young girls. I don't remember it being terrible, but it wasn't good either. The soundtrack had its moments: tracks from Megadeth, Anthrax, Pantera, Crisis, and Twisted Sister. This soundtrack was my first exposure to several nu-metal bands such as System of a Down, Sevendust, Bile, Soulfly, and Kid Rock (which song also featured Eminem before ANYONE knew who the hell he was). None of the songs really stood out much. The Megadeth song appeared on an earlier album and the Anthrax song was pretty good if I remember correctly.

Awful soundtrack. Tolerable movie. Not a single metal song on the entire thing, this soundtrack consisted entirely of nu-metal groups like Slipknot, System of a Down, Sevendust, Coal Chamber, Dope, Powerman 5000, and post-grunge groups like Creed, Staind, Fuel, and Finger Eleven. It also featured a group called Ear2000 which had David Arquette (the annoying actor) on vocals and some really horrible rapping. My brain hurts just thinking about it.

With a name like that you would expect a good soundtrack. You would be wrong, but you would expect it. This is an animated movie that I'm pretty sure I saw. It's all violence, boobs, and gore. But it's animated. Did I mention that? It's animated violence, boobs, and gore. The soundtrack featured such "luminaries" as Billy Idol, Monster Magnet, MDFMK (KMFDM backwards, get it?), Insane Clown Posse (to date the only song I have heard from this group), Puya, Sinisstar, and Coal Chamber. The only metal songs were from Pantera and Machine Head. Actually good songs from both bands though. Oh yeah, this movie was animated.

I don't remember seeing this movie either, but then all of The Crow movies were exactly the same. Near destitute man in love dies brutally as well as his lover then comes back to exact revenge. Did you know that one of the recent ones starred Ed Furlong who peaked as an actor when he was 11? This thing had two songs I liked on them: the Static-X track featuring Burton Bell of Fear Factory on vocals (it was a Ministry cover), and a song by Danzig. Not nearly good enough to keep it as the alternative rock and techno bullshit made up most of the rest of it.

I'm pretty sure I never saw this. I've seen tons of bad vampire movies though, so anything's possible. As for the soundtrack, we have tracks from metal bands Slayer and Pantera. We also have a decent cover of the Berlin classic "Metro" by System of a Down. Then there's a whole lot of shit by groups like (hed) p.e., Taproot, Endo, Saliva, and Linkin Park. Yikes.
EDIT: I forgot to mention before the comment from Kelly reminded me, the Pantera track is awesome. It's easily one of the best later-era Pantera songs. Just a killer song.

This came out at the same time as another cave-going horror movie The Descent. But, whereas The Descent was extremely creepy and downright frightening, The Cave really sucked. Probably an unfair comparison. This was the first and only movie soundtrack I got after nu-metal hit rock-bottom and metalcore took over. I didn't spend any money on this which is why it doesn't irritate me so much that I still have the damn thing. A friend of mine just gave it to me because it was too heavy for him. I say "meh". We have Nightwish (the ubiquitous "Nemo"), Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Trivium, Lacuna Coil, Bleeding Through, Strapping Young Lad, It Dies Today, and Mastodon. We also have the ear-grindingly horrible Candiria, Diecast, and Atreyu to show that all is not right with the world.

The problem with soundtracks is that once you get past the one or two good tracks, there's a whole lot of bullshit.

Any soundtrack stories out there?

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  1. I have the Matrix one (the only song I still have in my iTunes is the Monster Magnet one), the Strangeland one (I still have 7 of those in my library) and the Dracula 2000 one (only 2 of those still in my library--I really like Pantera's "Avoid the Light"). This doesn't count the ones I have from the band's actual album, though.

    I actually had Strangeland on VHS. It's kind of campy, but good enough. I watched it a lot in college, and then the weirdest thing happened: It got infested with ants. It was right there with all my other tapes, and none of them had a problem. My roommate and his girlfriend later bought a copy of the movie on DVD for me, so I suspect it has less to do with something evil in the movie and more to do with somebody spilling something on it, but anyway.