Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Initial Impressions: Wolf: Ravenous

Traditional metal has been making a major comeback lately. This has been mentioned multiple times on this blog. There are several bands that have come up lately that owe the base of their sound to the NWOBHM and other early 1980's metal styles. Wolf is one of the more well-known bands from this style.

I first heard of Wolf on the Encyclopedia Metallum on a post discussing bad album cover art. It's true, some of the early album covers from the band were atrocious. But, it was also made clear that the band was quite good. I later heard them for the first time last year on the sampler CD from Metal Hammer celebrating the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, a thing which does not exist, and nevertheless was very impressed.

The band, despite playing a more traditional style of metal, definitely does not sound retro at all. They sound modern, with faster riffs, and powerful vocals. They essentially sound like more of a mix of current power metal bands such as Hammerfall and Helloween combined with earlier 1980's influences like Iron Maiden. The music is melodic and fast, with thundering drums, blazing guitar solos, and lightning-fast riffs. The vocals take a little getting used to, but are not bad at all.

Wolf has continued to be an impressive force in bringing traditional-minded metal back. The band manages to do all this without sounding out of touch with the metal of today.

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