Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Initial Impressions: Unleashed: As Yggdrasil Trembles

It's turning out to be a pretty good year for metal as many of the most consistently great bands are putting out more great albums. Unleashed adds to the fold. The band who paved the way for Amon Amarth's brand of viking-fueled melodeath released its next opus to the berserker.

As with Dark Tranquillity below, if you have heard one Unleashed album, you probably know what to expect here. Buzzsaw guitars, surprisingly melodic riffs, and deep barked vocals. The band's sound is similar to Amon Amarth. Perhaps that should be reworded, Amon Amarth's sound is similar to Unleashed. It's up for debate. At any rate, if you like Amon Amarth, you should definitely check out Unleashed.

The vocals are the major difference between the two bands. Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth has a deeper voice and is a bit more powerful, with a lionesque roar. Unleashed vocalist Johnny Hedlund comes off more as a rabid dog, aggressively snarling his lyrics. Both bands sing a lot about Vikings, warfare, and Norse mythology though.

The songs are all right around the four to five minute mark and are built around one strong riff, with other riffs, tremolo-picked guitars, solos, and gruff vocals piled on. The songs are memorable and there is enough going on musically to listen to over and over again.

This is another great new album this year by a band that has been at it for over two decades.

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