Thursday, April 29, 2010

Compilations: Terrorizer Fear Candy 78

This was the free CD sampler included with the most recent issue of Terrorizer with Varg Vikernes on the cover. This is the first chance I have had to listen to it. They did things differently this time, combining the signed bands and the unsigned bands on one CD. Interesting idea. I guess we're supposed to vote for our favorite unsigned band too.

I don't know a lot about this band yet. Every time I see their name though, there is some mention of Autopsy, so members of that band must be involved here. Musically, this sounds like Autopsy, doom-laden, dirty and raw death metal with punk influences. This is really good. I will have to check this band out further. According to Wikipedia, yes members of Autopsy are involved and the band has been around for quite awhile. Not sure how I slept on that one.

I already own this album and love it. I do not have anythign to add. Unleashed is a great Swedish death metal band.

I also already own this album and like it even more than the Unleashed album. Nothing more to add.

This is an odd track that combines a variety of influences from hardcore, sludge metal, stoner rock, and death metal. It's kind of like Maston meets Death. It's not too bad really. I would be interested in hearing something more from the band before making up my mind though.

With a name like that, this has to be black metal. It is, sort of. There are also some major folk influences involved here. It's very raw. I don't know how to feel about this. I don't think I like it much. Apparently they're from Slovenia. Interesting.

First of all, fire your sound guy. I had to turn this way up to hear it. What I heard was old-school sounding death/thrash metal. The musicians are all very good and the vocals are impressive. This band sounds a lot like older Possessed with a little more distortion and some Exodus thrown in for good measure. It's quite good, if you can hear it.

This band has made a little bit of a name for themselves recently. They play melodic black metal in the vein of Dimmu Borgir's early work. There's a lot of backlash against this genre lately. I don't mind it when it's done right. These guys all seem like capable musicians. I like this pretty well. The symphonic parts do tend to overload the sound a little and it does kind of lose things at the end, but those are the only negatives.

I don't care much for this. It's post-rock/metal I suppose, sounding like Neurosis, Isis, and all of their copycats. I don't have much use for this style of music.

Now we get to the unsigned bands. Who's deserving of a record deal? Who's deserving of being an unsigned band? The gripping conclusion in a few paragraphs. I bet you can't wait.

Prediction: death/doom. I appear to be correct. Very slow, melodic, but with death metal-style vocals. There are even some gothic metal elements. This is pretty decent. When I was in my Tristania/Nightwish phase, I would have fucking loved this. Now, I like it okay. It's interesting enough to hold the attention. I'm not sure I would buy an entire album like this, but the band is worth looking into.

Prediction: black metal. I'm two for two. The band seems very influenced by Dissection and other groups of their death metal-influenced black metal ilk. The drums pound away while the guitars are playing a slower circling riff. I like stuff like this. I would like to hear more.

Prediction: blackened death metal. We have tremolo riffs, pounding drums, and deep growled vocals. Yep, I'm three for three. This is actually fairly melodic, with frequent keyboard passages to calm things down from the harsh vocals. I like it quite well.

Prediction: death/grind. Well it's definitely death metal, not so much grind though. We'll call it 3.5/4.0. This sounds like a less well-produced Deicide without some of the speed. It even has similar layered vocals. It does have lots of keyboard parts which sound a little off. Not bad, work on the production and this could be pretty good.

Prediction: deathcore. This was predicted based on the really stupid band name. And correct again. The problem I have with deathcore is there is just not much originality in it. All the bands pretty much sound the same. I can't tell if this is good deathcore or bad deathcore. The breakdown is pretty annoying.

Prediction: blackened folk metal. Damn, I missed one. This is apparently industrial-tinged metalcore. Think Scar Symmetry with more core influences. The industrial influence is really, really minor and mostly consists of random keyboard effects. Nothing else is captivating enough to hold interest.

Prediction: folk metal. Damn, missed another one. This is actually sludge/stoner doom. There is a female vocalist, but I am not a big fan of these vocals. Not sure why, they just don't do it for me. The riffs are heavy and interesting, but I don't like the vocals enough. Still not bad though.

I think my vote will go to Blodsgard on this one. No offense to everyone else.

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  1. Although I'm not hearing the Dissection/death influence that you mentioned, I have to agree 100% with your vote towards Blodsgard as being the best of the unsigned on this disc. Their song froze the blood right in my veins and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Huge, HUGE potential! Definitely left me wanting more.