Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Initial Impressions: Deceased...: The Blueprints for Madness

As I mentioned in a previous post, Deceased... is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. The deeply underground band has always made extreme metal with large influences from traditional metal styles. They are passionate about true metal and it shows through their music.

This is the band's second album. Released in 1995 originally, it has recently been reissued. On this album, the band is far closer to death metal than their recent material. That being said, it is still clear that this is the same band that created the death/traditional metal masterpiece As the Weird Travel On. The band essentially sounds like a mix of older Death combined with thrash metal groups like Dark Angel.

This is one hell of an impressive album. It's death metal, but it's much more complex with shifting song structures, amazing riffs, and some movie samples thrown in for good measure. King Fowley's voice is powerful, but it's the guitarists that really steal the show here. Between the riffs and the solos, this is an amazing performance by the band's guitarists.

It's apparent that this band has always been incredibly talented. Their early stuff, such as this album, is just as powerful as their later stuff. I have plans to check out more by this group.

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