Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Initial Impressions: Nebula: Apollo

I received this album in the same Century Media free grab bag as the Despised Icon album. I had never heard of this band before. However, sometimes you can tell what type of music it is just from the cover. I predict some sort of stoner doom.

And, I'm right.

When done right, stoner doom metal is fantastic. It can be energetic, yet incredibly heavy. It can be either fast or slow and both speeds have their pros and cons.

This album is decent. I don't think it's something I would have sought out on my own, but it's a hard-driving sound and it definitely gets the blood pumping. It feels like music built to drive an old convertible through the desert. There's a sense of fun and definitely a psychedelic vibe to the music.

The nice thing about these grab bags is you can get something you otherwise would not have checked out. I enjoy stoner doom once in awhile and it's not always easy determining which bands to check out on my own. This is a decent enough album to warrant future listens. It's just not something I think I would have picked up on my own.

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  1. Weird that we both reviewed the same sub-sub-genre on the same day.