Monday, October 10, 2011

Slam Splits

I have not done a split post for a little while. It just so happens that I have two ready to go.

THE BANDS: Artery Eruption and Inhuman Dissiliency.
ARTERY ERUPTION: This is one of the most cited names in modern slam and they show why here. Absolutely sick and twisted riffs with the deepest gurgling vocals I have heard in quite some time. The slams are absolutely crushing, it feels like the whole world is coming to an end. This just sounds inhuman.
INHUMAN DISSILIENCY: Faster and with a better production, but otherwise not a whole lot different. Their slams also slow things WAAAAYYYY down. The vocals are so deep, you almost cannot hear them over the music.
WINNER: Artery Eruption

THE BANDS: Embryonic Depravity and Gorevent
EMBRYONIC DEPRAVITY: They have a reasonable grasp on melody, which can be a little rare with modern slam. Not to say this is at all melodic, but slightly moreso than some groups. They incorporate old school death metal influences and throw in slams at opportune times. This is actually pretty impressive stuff.
GOREVENT: Japan has been producing a lot of slam lately. Gorevent is at the top of the list with Vomit Remnants and Rest in Gore. This is pretty indistinguishable from most other slam bands. I like the guitar tone in the riffs, but that's about it for originality.
WINNER: Embryonic Depravity

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