Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Initial Impressions: Embryonic Devourment: Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy

Embryonic Devourment's debut is shockingly good. Featuring dissonant and technical riffwork and progressive song structures, this album is a mind-bender. There is so much going on musically that it is sometimes hard to determine when one song ends and another begins. But that is part of what makes this such an interesting, if somewhat bewildering, listening experience.

Their music is a mix of technical brutal death metal and grindcore with occasional slam moments. The guitars are extremely busy throughout, riffs fly in every direction and in every speed. The drumming is near constant blastbeats. And the vocals are delivered in a deep guttural growl, with the occasional scream thrown in for good measure.

All this makes for a very unique album. This is highly recommended for fans of technical death metal.

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