Monday, October 24, 2011

One and Done? Pt. 7: Burn to Black

Burn to Black is a band that is probably more well-known for who was in the band than for the music they put out. And that is honestly a shame because Burn to Black's only full-length album is an excellent slab of blackened thrash metal. But that one particular member was too busy doing his own thing to continue with the band.

So who is this individual? Well, it is Sam Dunn, the documentary film maker who gave us A Headbanger's Journey, Global Metal, and Flight 666. Dunn played bass for Burn to Black.

This is actually a pretty good album, with a focus on Celtic Frost-style riffing and decayed vocals. The Celtic Frost influence is obvious as the band covered them as a bonus track at the end of the album.

It's a shame Burn to Black did not continue.

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