Friday, October 14, 2011

Initial Impressions: Wormed: Quasineutrality

The best slam bands are those that take a different viewpoint on the genre. Bands that are not obsessed with ultra-gory violence and have something to say and bands that are a bit more technical with their music while avoiding the overly simplistic style that slam is known for.

Enter Wormed.

Wormed has still not released the follow-up to their fantastic full-length debut album Planisphaerium from 2003, but they did release this two track teaser last year. It has just taken me a long time to get around to checking it out for some reason.

Imagine Demilich's vocalist Antti Boman fronting a band that sounds like a cross between Devourment and Voivod and you have a pretty good idea what Wormed sound like. That is a pretty unique sound if you ask me and Wormed pull it off incredibly well. As I mentioned, their debut album was incredible and, if anything, they have just gotten better on this short release.

There is not much more to say, this is amazing.

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