Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! This is a Post About White Zombie

The last few days, in honor of Halloween, I have been listening to all of my White Zombie albums. In fact, I even dug out my Rob Zombie albums that I have not listened to for quite awhile as well.

White Zombie's music just fits with the atmosphere of the holiday. With his lyrics about monsters and horror movie subjects mixed in with sound clips from various terrible movies, the music is just campy and evil-sounding at the same time. Just like the holiday. It has a sinister background, but has become a holiday centered around going out and having fun, whether that be in costume trick-or-treating, or out to a party.

Similarly, though the music is dark and oftentimes deals with disturbing things, no one can accuse White Zombie of having any motive other than having a good time.

I have been a fan of White Zombie since I first started getting into metal. At that time, La Sexorcisto had recently come out and White Zombie was one of the most popular bands in metal. I did not quite know what to think of the band, but I did know that they always looked like they were having a blast.

Astro Creep: 2000 is still my favorite album by the band. But unfortunately it was the last full album of original material by them. Rob Zombie was beginning to get bigger than the band and decided to go out on his own. He still managed to put out some interesting material, but the returns on each successive album continued to diminish.

Music was no longer Rob Zombie's major calling as he began to direct movies. Unfortunately, I have not been terribly impressed with any of his movies and his music continued to get worse as well. I have not bought a Rob Zombie album since The Sinister Urge. It's a shame that his career went downhill because he was always such an interesting character.

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  1. Love White Zombie. AC:2000 was the second or third CD I ever bought (after the black album and possibly something else, but I'm not sure what that something else was).

    I think The Sinister Urge was actually better than Hellbilly Deluxe. And the two after that are pretty well equal to each other, so the returns may be steady at this point . . . maybe. But they're definitely not on par with those last two White Zombie albums.