Friday, October 14, 2011

Infernal Revulsion: An Epic Conviction vs. Putrid Pile: House of Dementia

For Slam Week, I revisited my Now That's What I Call Slam compilation and found my two favorite tracks. I then checked out both of the bands: Infernal Revulsion for "Rot in Peace" and Putrid Pile for "Dead".

This is a compilation made up of each of the band's two previous full-length albums. As such it is a little on the long side, so those of you who can not put up with this for very long should be wary.

Infernal Revulsion is another Japanese slam band. Japan seems to have a lot of good slam death bands, with Rest in Gore, Gorevent, and Vomit Remnants being other good examples. As with other Japanese slam bands, Infernal Revulsion has a slightly different take on their genre of choice.

Infernal Revulsion keeps listeners on their toes by throwing in the occasional thrash metal or tremolo riff. Pretty unique for this style of metal. They are also typically faster-paced with some somewhat bouncy riffs and impressive guitar solos thrown in occasionally. The vocals are very deep and froglike, occasionally sounding like Demilich's vocalist.

This is pretty impressive stuff. Infernal Revulsion avoids a lot of the traps that other slam bands tend to fall into. Their music sounds fresh and original.

The melodic intro sounds like the kind of thing Air Supply would have done, but then it kicks into the frenzied brutality of "Dead", which is one hell of a song, let me tell you. It is extremely heavy with the opening riff reminding me of some of Gojira's work. The heaviness continues throughout the album. Putrid Pile do the Deicide-style layered vocals quite a bit, to great effect.

Making things even more impressive is that Putrid Pile is the work of just one person: Shaun LaCanne, who provides all of the instruments and vocals, as well as the programming. This is one talented individual. Putrid Pile is one of the best slam/brutal death metal bands I have heard in awhile.

This is an extremely impressive album. I will definitely be keeping an eye on Putrid Pile.

I preferred the Putrid Pile album personally, though Infernal Revulsion was also great.

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