Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gorevent: Worship Paganism vs. Rest in Gore: Culinary Buffet of Hacked Innards

I get Gorevent and Rest in Gore confused. Both bands are slam bands from Japan, and they have similar names. I had a chance to listen to each band's newest album in an effort to determine which Japanese "Gore" band was better.

This is plodding-speed slam death with ultra-low guttural vocals and some extremely bass-heavy slams. I generally prefer the stuff that is not over-the-top violent and this album qualifies more than a lot of other stereotypical slam bands. Notice the cover art is not soaked with gore and the name of the album is not referencing some horrible act of violence.

Musically, Gorevent lacks originality, but how many truly original slam bands are there (other than Wormed)? That's not why people listen to slam at all. Nevertheless, the album does tend to drag a little bit and the songs kind of bleed together. When it's good though, it's very good. It is an absolutely crushingly heavy album.

The vocals are a little bit interesting on this one because they are not always delivered in typical slam style. Sometimes they bear more similarities to old school death metal vocals.

And there's that cartoonish violence I referred to in the above review. We have a really messy album cover and quite the grotesque title. We also have song titles like "Pus from Rotten Sutures" and "Pierced Eyeballs".

However, musically this band is much more interesting than Gorevent. The riffs are almost bouncy. The music is a little bit faster and there is a lot more energy in it. In addition, the band experiments with some unusual, almost funky rhythms, particularly on "Splattered Slime" and "Putrid Autopsy". The clicking drum sound is interesting as well, but gets to be a little grating at times. It is present throughout the entire album.

The vocals do not really do anything. They stay the same throughout, deep guttural growls. Fairly typical for the style.

This is a bit more original than the Gorevent album. It is certainly a slightly different take on a mostly stale style.

Despite the gore and violence-filled lyrics, I prefer the Rest in Gore album.

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