Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reader Submission: An Idol's Plague: Angels to Some...Demons to Others

Adrean of An Idol's Plague recently contacted me with a request to review their EP after seeing that I reviewed The Aberrant Phase's EP.

An Idol's Plague is a hardcore/grindcore band with some metallic influences. There is some interesting stuff going on musically here, but nothing mind-blowingly original or anything you have not heard somewhere else.

The band is certainly heavy. Their riffs in "Sleep While There is Peace" and "The Same in Another Way" have a lot of bass and crunch to them. There are some more experimental moments here as well. "Cosby Sweater" is all over the place, making as much noise as possible. And they do certainly have a lot of energy, playing mostly fast tempos with a lot of fury.

The vocals do not do much for me. They are mostly hardcore-type shouts throughout the EP. There is not a lot of variation with them either.

Similar to The Aberrant Phase, I will not deny that this band can play their instruments and there is some decent stuff going on, but this is not really my thing. Nothing personal, it just does not do much for me.

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