Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Horrible List Time: Metal Hammer's Top Debut Albums of the Past 25 Years

I am not sure why I bothered to cover this. I knew this would be bad, but this is ridiculous.


Among the issues is the fact that Pantera's Cowboys from Hell was listed, despite the notable problem that they released a few albums before that one. Then there is the presence of Bullet for My Valentine, which boggles my mind. And then Linkin Park. And then we have the issue with Slipknot taking the top spot. Sigh.

I will have to think about this for a little while and get back with my pick. I have considered Morbid Angel and Suffocation. I will give this some thought and come back with a top 10. In the meantime, what are your picks?


  1. I would actually include Slipknot in that list, but I know how you stand on that. Let's see . . .
    1. Motherfucking Danzig (however, a career before the album, so I'm not really sure if that can be considered a proper debut).
    2. Suffocation, yes.
    3. Triptykon, but again, a career before the album.
    4. Kvelertak (I know, two 2010 albums, but this one still blows my mind).
    5. Ahab.
    6. Nile.
    7-10. I'd have to think about it a lot more.

    If this was in Decibel, they'd include Mastodon, although I'm not sure about Remission being that great. The more I think about this, the more I realize I tend to prefer mid- to late-career albums.

  2. I kind of am too, which is why this will be pretty interesting. I will try to get it up on Friday.