Thursday, May 5, 2011

One and Done? Pt. 4: Sculpture: Sculpture

I got this album as part of a large lot I bought off ebay when I was just trying to increase the size of my collection. It is not a band I was previously aware of and I still really do not know much about them. From what I understand, Sculpture formed in Germany after Lotte Frost left similar band Crematory. The band recorded just this album and then broke up while touring in support of The Gathering.

Sculpture is a gothic metal band that bears a strong resemblance to the later works of Finnish band Sentenced. They typically punctuate their melodic sound with some heavy riffs and power chords. The vocals are very dry and often a little bit gruff. The songs are reasonably catchy.

The only real problem with this release is some of the vocals bear a strong resemblance to rap. Not to say this is nu-metal or rap metal or anything like that, but some of the vocal styles are a little weird. Otherwise this really is not anything people have not heard before.

Ultimately this is a bit of a throwaway album. It's not bad, but it does not do a whole lot. There are probably not a ton of people out there clamoring for a Sculpture reunion.

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