Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My 100 Favorite Metal Bands Pt. 22: Corrosion of Conformity

I fully recognize that I am not familiar with all of C.O.C.'s vast catalog. Specifically, I have not heard much of their hardcore/crossover early days. The earliest album I own from the band is Blind when they were more of a thrash/power metal band. And then I have a couple of their albums from their Southern metal glory days. That is the Corrosion of Conformity I am referring to here. I got into the band in the early to mid 1990's when they were releasing songs like "Clean My Wounds" and "Albatross". It was an early band that I started to listen to. I wore out my first copy of Deliverance, that's how often I played it. For being an early metal band and doing Southern metal right, which is done so rarely, C.O.C. deserves their place on this list.


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  1. "Clean My Wounds" has what I would consider one of my top 10 riffs of all time, and the vocals are memorable. An excellent song.

    I'm not familiar with their early stuff either. I listened to a little bit in the Days of Napster, but I didn't like it then. I may have a different opinion if I check it out now.