Friday, May 20, 2011

Initial Impressions: Vomitory: Opus Mortis VIII

It must be Sweden day here. This certainly was not intentional, but all three posts today deal with Swedish groups.

Vomitory is a death metal band more in line with groups like Dismember, Grave, and the early material by Entombed. But they are a hell of a lot heavier and definitely more brutal. Vomitory is all about violence. Their sound is violent, their artwork is violent, and of course their lyrics are violent. I guess you could probably expect that from a band with such a grotesque name.

The buzzsaw riffing style typical of the Swedish death sound is present in Vomitory, but it is played heavier and with more ferocity. The songs are all fast and abrasive with only some melody present in the form of the occasional guitar lead amongst the jackhammer drums and razor-sharp riffs. The vocals are typically delivered in a deep and guttural style with very little diversity. But fans of Vomitory do not expect diversity. Vomitory has been brutally consistent for more than two decades and some things just should not change.

It is tough to use a term like "best" when describing an album by Vomitory because the band has always basically sounded the same. You know what you are getting with a Vomitory album. So this could be their best album. Or it could be their worst. The fact of the matter is that there is so little to differentiate between the two with this band that that does not really matter. If you want brutal Swedish-style death, then Vomitory is the band for you.


  1. Like the Amon Amarth of old school Swedish death :)

  2. I actually almost put something like that in here.

  3. Been wanting to check this out simply based on the album art.