Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Initial Impressions: Cerekloth: Pandemonium Prayers

Cerekloth is another fairly typical Hell's Headbangers band, by that I mean a somewhat blackened death metal style with quite a bit of energy. Actually, the band formed when Church Bizarre, who is a band I had grown to enjoy, disbanded. This is a fairly short EP featuring four songs, one of which is "Lunatic of God's Creation", a Deicide cover.

I guess I probably could have guessed Cerekloth's association with Church Bizarre based on the, let's say unusual, sound clips. Sonically, the band is clearly cut from the same cloth as well. It's got the same nasty, old school death metal vibe. The riffs are surprisingly melodic and the songs are actually pretty catchy. They are not long songs and they are not terribly repetitive, keeping things entertaining. This band is very good at writing memorable music.

I was impressed with Church Bizarre and I am definitely impressed with Cerekloth. I really want to hear more from these guys.

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