Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly Recap: 6/6-6/12

It's a little late this time because I spent the weekend in my hometown. It was my little brother's college graduation party and a family reunion of sorts. As such, I don't have much to say.

I bought the Artillery box set, but have not had much of a chance to listen to it yet. Look for a post on that a little later this week. Lots of new stuff came out last week, but I have not gotten anything yet.

Abysmal Dawn: Programmed to Consume
Amon Amarth: Twilight of the Thunder God
Argharus: Plei'tas
Arghoslent: Hornets of the Pogrom
Armored Saint: Symbol of Salvation
Artillery: Through the Years
Believer: Gabriel
Besatt: Hail Lucifer
Blood of King: De Occulta Philosophia
Bloodbath: Resurrection Through Carnage
Coffins: Buried Death
Coldworker: Rotting Paradise
Confessor: Confessor
Dark Fortress: Eidolon
Daylight Dies: Lost to the Living
Death: Scream Bloody Gore
Despair: Beyond All Reason
Evocation: Tales from the Tomb
Funeral: From These Wounds
Grand Magus: Iron Will
Hail of Bullets: ...Of Frost and War
Hyades: And the Worst is Yet to Come
Iced Earth: The Crucible of Man-Something Wicked Pt. 2
Ihsahn: angL
Impiety: Terroreign
In Flames: Lunar Strain
Into Eternity: The Incurable Tragedy
Krisiun: Southern Storm
Laethora: The Light in Which We All Burn
Lightning Swords of Death: The Extra-Dimensional Wound
Master: Unreleased 1985 Album
Megadeth: Rust in Peace
Merciless Death: Realm of Terror
Meshuggah: Contradictions Collapse + None
Metallica: Death Magnetic
Metallica: Ride the Lightning
Misery Index: Heirs to Thievery
Neuraxis: The Thin Line Between
Nocturnal Breed: Fields of Rot
Nocturnal Fear: Code of Violence
Nocturnal Fear: Metal of Honor
October 31: Visions of the End
Opeth: Orchid
Poccolus: Ragana
Sacrifice: Forward to Termination
Scar Symmetry: Holographic Universe
Scorpions: Bad for Good-The Very Best of Scorpions
Slaughter: Strappado
Slayer: Reign in Blood
Slayer: Show No Mercy
Suicidal Tendencies: Join the Army
Susperia: Unlimited
Toxic Holocaust: An Overdose of Death...
Withershin: Ashen Banners

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