Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lyrical Themes: Dirty Songs

I had this conversation with my fiancee when we were driving to Lincoln last Saturday morning. We were listening to her iPOD at the time, because I am a considerate boyfriend and let her occasionally listen to her music in my car while traveling :rolling eyes:. I think we were listening to Nickelback at the time, not one of my favorites but better than some of the alternatives. Anyway, she asked me if there were any dirty songs in metal. Of course there are. Metal covers a very wide variety of themes. So, I decided to look into things a little bit.

Here we go:

Imagine you were at my station
And you brought your motor to me
Your a burner yeah a real motor car
Said you wanna get your order filled
Made me shiver when I put it in
Pumping just won't do ya know luckily for you
Whoever thought you'd be better
At turning a screw than me
I do it for my life
Made my drive shaft crank
Made my pistons bulge
Made my ball bearing melt from the heat
We were shifting hard when we took off
Put tonight all four on the floor
When we hit top end you know it feels to slow
I'm giving you my room service
And ya know it's more than enough
Oh one more time ya know I'm in love

Here we have a song about an encounter between a mechanic and a woman. Lots of double entendres here. Interestingly, this song features the same riff as the Metallica classic "The Four Horsemen", mostly because "Mechanix" is the original version of the song written while Mustaine was still in Metallica.

You're the master
And i take it on my knees
I swallow, i swallow, i swallow, i swallow
Be aggressive
B-e aggresive

This song is about oral sex. Obviously. Not the least bit subtle. My favorite part about this is the Be Aggressive cheer sounds as if it is actually being performed by cheerleaders, adding an extra bizarre layer to the proceedings.

Rob Halford is gay. This fact is less surprising when you look back at some of the songs he wrote while a member of the band. Song titles like "Hell Bent for Leather", "Grinder", "Ram It Down", "Jawbreaker", and "Eat Me Alive" take on a new meaning when you realize this.

All I need is a lady
With more than average size
She's gotta be a bit crazy
Won't take no compromise
If she can fill a "D" cup
It's good enough to keep me up

Get you down on your backside
I wanna see your wares
Gonna mount you for a good ride
Nothing else compares
Takin' one into each hand
Do as I command

Doin' the Butter-Bust Jerky
We're gonna get down and dirty
Doin' the Butter-Bust Jerky
And makin' me feel so good

Dip your fingers in the butter
Spread it all across your chest
In between one another
You know what I like best
Push 'em close together
The tighter the better

Doin' the Butter-Bust Jerky
We're gonna get down and dirty
Doin' the Butter-Bust Jerky
We're gonna get down and dirty
Doin' the Butter-Bust Jerky
And makin' me feel so good

Ah, the 1980's. The only decade you could get away with this crap.

More obvious song titles: "Love is Infectious", "Dirty Trix Dept.", "Aphrodisiac", "Booby Trap", "Sexloitation".

Need I say more?

Moonspell has had a number of songs dealing with gothic, erotic themes. Songs like "Vampiria" and "An Erotic Alchemy" come to mind. Danzig has also done some things like this.

"Girls, Girls, Girls", "Same Ol' Situation", and "She Goes Down" are just obvious.

I fucked your girlfriend last night.
While you snored and drooled, I fucked your love.
She called me Daddy. And I called her baby when I
Smacked her ass. I called her sugar when I ate
Her alive till daylight. And I slept with her all
Over me, from forehead to ribcage I dripper her ass.
Sometimes I thought you might be spying, living out some
Brash fantasy, but no. You were knocked out. But we were
All knocked out you know. In a way
I serve too many masters.
We didn't know you'd break the bottle that the magic
Came in to use those jagged shards to slit our wrists
And neck. And you'd do it too, you're that kind of dude.
But you wouldn't know what you were doing because
I didn't, your girlfriend could have been a burn
Victim, an amputee, a dead body. But god damn I wanted
To fuck.
I'm serving too many fucking masters.
[I told you. I told you motherfucker]

I hate this song really.

Over and under, do you go down to the sea
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Sweet and timely caress, dear babe fulfillin' me

I can feel her heart, it is beating down inside
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Tasty, tasty, tasty, tasty

Into her valley, all her charms taste of love
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Fragrance of my dreams, yeah go down, take my love
Oh yeah, yeah

Taste my bitter wine, cos there's something boiling up inside
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Tasty, tasty, tasty, tasty
Make me go.....
Shoot me
Faster, faster

Love, sucking my love
Oh Lord, sucking my love
Oh Lord, sucking my love

Yeah. This is subtle.

We have songs like "Satanic Lust", "Ready to Fuck", "Desecration of Virgin", and "Sex, Drinks, and Metal". Plus, English is not their first language. Thus, the lyrics:
Stand up to see
My penetrator hammer
He will make your dreams
Turn to reality

I will lick you
Of the feets 'till the head
Making you feel torrential orgasms

Oh lady start to suck me
Because i'm ready
I'm ready to fuck

Stand up to feel
My machine of delight
He will make your reality turn to a dream

It's no secret we're close
As sweaty velcro
Like latex, fur and feathers
Stuck together, now

In their '62 Vette
Sharing one cigarette
In a black light trance then
Go go dance, then

They keep me warm on cold nights
We must be quite a sight
In our meat triangle
All tangled, wow

My girlfriend's girlfriend
She looks like you
My girlfriend's girlfriend
She's my girl, too

Her and me and her and she and me
An uncrowded couple are we three
And we don't care what people say
When walking hand in hand down King's Highway
Two for one today

My girlfriend's girlfriend
She looks like you
My girlfriend's girlfriend
She's my girl

In her place one hundred candles burning
As salty sweat drips from her breast
Her hips move and I can feel what they're saying, swaying
They say the beast inside of me's gonna get ya, get ya, get...

Black lipstick stains on her glass of red wine
I am your servant, may I light your cigarette?
Those lips smooth, yeah I can feel what you're saying, praying
They say the beast inside of me is gonna get ya, get ya, get...

I beg to serve, your wish is my law
Now close those eyes, and let me love you to death
Shall I prove that I mean what I'm saying, begging
I say the beast inside of me is gonna get ya, get ya, get...

Let me love you to
Let me love you to death

Hey am I good enough for you?
Hey am I good enough for you?
Am I?
Am I?
Am I good enough
For you?

Teacher caught me masturbating underneath the desk
she looked at me and winked her eye said "see you after class"
I heard the school bell ring that told me that the day was done
She called me back and locked the door my lessons just begun

Teacher's pet
Teacher's wet

Sitting down she crossed her legs her skirt crept up her thigh
Feeling something start to rise my thought began to fly
You've been a naughty boy, she said, now that you can't conceal
I'll have to punish you the best way that I feel

Teacher's pet
Teacher's wet

She took my hand and gently placed it in between her thighs
With open legs and heavy breath she slowly closed her eyes
Her flesh was aching and her hands began to stray
One thing that I know for sure, I won't forget today

Teacher's pet
Teacher's wet

Pulled me down forwards her mound, teacher tasted sweet
Sixty-nine - I don't mean lines, this was teachers treat
Played hide and seek with teachers mouth, her lips were warm and wet
Now today I've had my way and teacher won't forget

Teacher's pet
Teacher's wet

W.A.S.P. wrote a song called "Fuck Like a Beast". Enough said.


  1. You didn't harvest from the most fertile ground available: Motorhead (I have 10 or 11 of their 20 albums). Just on Ace of Spades there's "Jailbait" and "Love Me Like a Reptile". They wrote an entire album called Orgasmatron.

  2. Wow, that is an oversight on my part. I can't believe I forgot about them.

  3. Mrs. MetallattorneyJune 21, 2010 at 11:32 PM

    Okay, maybe I should clarify. When I say dirty, I don't mean shit that will turn me off....