Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is a request from Mrs. Metallattorney, who is obviously my fiancee and likes to create havoc sometimes on this blog. Love you honey:)

Well, I'm sure it was a joke, but here's Witchery's "Inquisition" anyway. Hah.

Burning red of charcoal the roasting place of rest
Flames are slowly stirring in this hideous nest
Red hot sparkling pokers lay waiting in the heat
Blackened grid of iron stained with darkened meat

There's a place here for you
We'd like to question you too
Welcome in feel at home settle down you'll have to...

Speak your mind tell the truth don't you lie
The church has the power and a heretic we shall find
No matter what you think who you are and what you do
For we will get the answers that we want out of you!

Hooded are the masters of this holy trial
Pleaded to by many but mercy recievers denial
Silent, skillful and handy their tread they do respect
Amongst the questioned thousands the guilty they'll detect.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of knowledge about the Spanish Inquisition, and I'm not completely sure of the historical accuracy of Monty Python, or Witchery for that matter. Still, what an interesting topic. I like it when Catholics claim that Islam is a violent religion, turning their backs and pretending the Spanish Inquisition never happened. The major purpose of this was to maintain orthodoxy over several conquered areas and ensure that the people of other religions that were forced to accept Catholicism under pain of death were continuing to follow. It was created to suppress heresy, but also had a hand in other offenses such as bigamy, witchcraft, blasphemy, and sodomy.

The Inquisitor General was designated by the Spanish monarchy and was tasked with organizing the Inquisition. When the Inquisition arrived in a city, they would read an edict following a Sunday mass setting forth the categories of offenses and ask for people to tell them any suspects. There wasn't much in the way of due process as the defendants would not be able to confront their accusers and the Inquisition did not do much to ensure the allegations were factual. The accused would be detained while awaiting trial, which could last two years or so. Their property was seized and sold to pay for the procedures. The defendant was put on trial and interrogated, which often entailed torture, such as the rack and strappado (hanging them by the wrists which were held behind their back and hanging weights from their ankles). Very seldomly were people acquitted.

We also have a song by Slaughter called "Strappado":
Prepare yourself for torture
Prepare yourself to scream
This is no bloody story, ain't no fucking dream
Arms are tied behind your back
Hands tight in a rope
Suddenly your hoisted up,
Shoulder blades get broke


Put on a pair of Spanish boots
Time to soak your feet
Plunge them into boiling oil
Fried alive in your seat
Dangle up on sky hooks
Strappado drives you mad
Arms rip off, you slam to the ground
Pain’s the latest fad



Clearly, a violent time period.


  1. As far as current day atrocities, I think it's pretty clear more evil is done in the name of Islam than any other religion. Historically that may not be the case, but today it is. I'm actually working on a letter to Decibel about the lack of any metal bands directly criticizing Islam, because the only reason I can think of for that state of affairs is simple: they're pussies.

  2. I think that is accurate. Catholicism has improved over the time when this was occurring and obviously certain Muslims (definitely not all, as with any religion) have committed much more atrocious things than Christians in the world today. Which is odd, because Islam is fundamentally peaceful, like Christianity.

    I'm not sure why there are so few bands criticizing Islam. Perhaps because it would not have as much of a backlash as Christianity in the states. But that doesn't explain international bands. I don't know.

    I would be very interested in reading that letter. You'll have to post it on your blog on the offchance it doesn't get published.