Monday, February 8, 2010

Initial Impressions: Razor: Violent Restitution

Somewhere in the Great White North in the 1980's, metal was taking hold. Canada has a fairly rich history of heavy metal developing in the 1980's. Canadian bands ran the gamut between thrash (Sacrifice, Slaughter, Voivod) to death (Cryptopsy, Gorguts). Canadian bands often play with some more experimentation than their American counterparts. Nevertheless, there are some bands highly equipped to deal with the straighforward metal styles. Razor is a terrific thrash metal band from Canada.

Being from Canada, Razor is not real well-known, even by the standards of their home country. Most people think of groups like Slaughter and Sacrifice when they think of Canadian thrash metal. It's a shame too, because this is a very underrated band.

Razor plays fast thrash metal most similar to the East Coast thrash acts like Overkill and Anthrax. The riffs fly past at a lightning-fast clip, with pummelling drum patterns and throbbing bass. The vocals are shouted in a style similar to many American thrash metal acts. The songs are fast and somewhat short, making this a short, but frenzied listen. The album has 14 tracks on it, but they fly by so fast it seems like they have half that.

This is a truly underrated album by a truly underrated band. If you're looking for good 1980's thrash and are tired of the Bay Area and German scenes, check this band out.

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