Monday, February 15, 2010

Ibex Moon Records News: Fatalist Releases Video

I have mentioned it before: I am a big fan of the label Ibex Moon Records. They handle metal the right way and put out some absolutely killer records from great bands. I subscribe to Ibex Moon's newsletter through my email and, at one point, apparently signed on to be a member of their street team. I'm not sure when I did that, if it was a mistake or deliberate, but whatever. I suppose based on that, I would like to pass on whatever interesting word I receive from the label about bands who deserve some publicity. I don't expect anything out of this, I just wanted to pass along some underground metal that should be more popular.

Of their band roster, I have ordered releases from Incantation (singer John McEntee runs the label), Thornafire (twice), Estuary, Denial Fiend, Dawn of Azazel, Nominon, HOD, Master, Dreaming Dead, and Asphyx. I have ordered all of those releases from the record label and have found their prices to be fair and their shipping to be fast and reliable. What else could a metalhead want?

With that being said, Fatalist has released a video:

Fatalist is a death metal band from California, who sound like they're from Stockholm, Sweden. Ah, Swedish death metal. Check out the video and the band.

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