Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hell's Headbangers Compilation Vol. 2

This is a sampler CD from the label Hell's Headbangers, specializing in black, thrash, and death metal that is often infused with punk influences. This CD was given free when I placed a large order with the company. Many of the bands have more than one song. This was a good way to be exposed to more bands.

Evil Army:
Kicking things off with a militaristic snare drum cadence is the thrash metal band Evil Army who sound like a mix between Overkill, Dark Angel, and Exodus. They have two songs off of their EP. Their songs are short, fast, and violent, with just a trace of a punk edge to them. I would definitely pick up something by this band.

Gospel of the Horns:
I have discussed this band before. GotH is part of the "war metal" scene in Australia, providing lightning fast blackened thrash metal with vocals that sound like the singer just finished drinking a gallon of battery acid. I have two albums from this band already.

Another band from the "war metal" scene, Destrukor sounds most similar to Destroyer 666. This song is off their split with Bestial Mockery. I have one album and an EP from this band and have discussed them before.

This was a very early black metal band from the U.S. They are buried deep in the underground and only producing an EP and a couple of demos from their first go-round, but re-emerging 16 years later to bless (curse?) us with a full-length album. Their shows are extreme and their music is blasphemous. Their music is very simple and riff-based. Not bad, but I doubt I would check them out more.

Mutilated Messiah:
Similar name to Rotting Christ, but not very similar musically, Mutilated Messiah is an Irish death metal band with only an EP, a split, and an appearance on a tribute album to their name. The music is most similar to a very extreme Jungle Rot, which is saying something. If only they released something more substantive.

The legendary Nunslaughter formed in the late 1980's and have been deeply underground since then. The band runs this record label in some capacity and releases a ton of stuff through it. Their music can best be described as punk-infused death metal. It's short and aggressive as all hell. A great band. I own one of their albums.

It's Jehovah spelled backwards. You can already tell this band is blasphemous. That they were formed by Paul Ledney after Profanatica first broke up tells even more. They would actually be okay if you could hear what the hell was going on in the music. Pass.

Yet another Aussie band, this one is not as affiliated with the "war metal" scene, mostly due to the lyrical subject matter. Musically, they seem to fit in with their style being more closely in line with death metal. I have their only full-length as they broke up soon after releasing it.

Church Bizarre:
For some reason, I was expecting doom metal here, maybe that's because of the similar name to Reverend Bizarre. What we have here is actually a black metal band in the vein of Absu, but with a bit more melody and deeper vocals. Seriously, this is some good shit. I don't know why I haven't picked this up yet. I have plans to make an order with HHB later this month, perhaps it's time to do so.

The Danish thrash metal band was discussed earlier in my thrash metal bands of the world post. They play teutonic thrash metal similar to Sodom, Destruction, and Kreator. It's extremely fast and aggressive and is one hell of a good time. Excellent album too.

Witchtrap is a Colombian thrash/speed metal band. Their album was also reviewed in the same post as Victimizer's. Another great album, plus the first song here is called "Heavy Drinker". Ah, beer metal. We have Tankard to thank for that.

Evil Incarnate:
Evil Incarnate is a very extreme death metal band. Firmly rooted in the old school style, but harsh and aggressive, and very evil. Hence the name. They are similar in sound to Nunslaughter but noisier. This is a pretty good band that has been around for a long time. I may have to check them out further, one song on a compilation is not enough.

War Ripper:
War Ripper is a blackened thrash metal band that plays a very old school style. The sound quality is not good and the band has only released an EP at this point. We'll see what they do in the future.

Satanic Threat:
This is just terrible. The vocals are just yelled by what sounds like a 15 year old kid. The music is the same on both tracks, basically. Just bad. Pass.

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