Saturday, February 6, 2010

Initial Impressions: Devastation: Idolatry

Devastation is an early death/thrash metal band from the U.S. The most comparable band is probably Demolition Hammer. Extremely heavy thrash metal bordering on death with harsh vocals. The album is largely forgotten because it came out just shortly before the grunge wave occurred which effectively killed off most metal as far as mainstream interest and success is concerned.

The band features several talented musicians and has explosive riffs, powerful drumming, and incendiary guitar solos. The vocals as mentioned above are harsh, but not quite death growls. The music is generally mid-paced thrash that occasionally moves into very fast tempos, particularly around the guitar solos. The solos themselves come from the Kerry King school of though: cram as many notes into a solo as fast as possible, but generally these solos are a bit longer than King's.

The album is a bit on the long side. Devastation is a band, like Metallica, Intruder, Dark Angel, and others, that believes is more is better. More riffs, more verses, more solos. Nevertheless, the band never wears out its welcome. This is a good album that is a forgotten gem.

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