Saturday, February 13, 2010

2000's Favorite Melodic Death Albums

Amon Amarth: The Crusher: Tough to pick just one album from this band, but if forced, this one wins.

Apophis: I am Your Blindness: Criminally underrated German death metal band with powerful melodies.

Arsis: United in Regret: Technical melodeath band from America proves to have stunning abilities for both technicality and catchiness.

Dark Tranquillity: Character: Melodeath masters on one of their most powerful albums.

In Flames: Clayman: The last great album by the Swedish melodeath powerhouse.

Insomnium: Above the Weeping World: Heart-wrenching melodic death with doom elements from Finland.

Kalmah: They Will Return: Finnish melodic death metal speedsters inject some elements of power metal a la their countrymen Children of Bodom.

Mors Principium Est: Liberation=Termination: Finnish band massively influenced by Gothenburg style and incorporating technoesque effects.

Omnium Gatherum: The Red Shift: Finnish band that is part of a new wave of melodic death.

Skyfire: Spectral: Swedish melodeath band that mixes in elements of power and progressive metal.

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  1. I wonder, are you at all familiar with any albums by Dimension Zero?