Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Initial Impressions: Evile: Infected Nations

Evile is part of the so-called "retro thrash" movement. The band is based out of the U.K. which, despite its legacy as the de facto birthplace of metal, actually does not have many thrash metal bands to call its own. Evile, Onslaught, and Sabbat are the most notable. This was the band's final album with bassist Mike Alexander who died of a pulmonary embolism in 2009.

Evile is obviously heavily influenced by thrash metal acts of the 1980's such as Exodus, Dark Angel, Overkill, and others. Their clearest influence though is Slayer. It has often been stated that the band's debut album was "the best Slayer album in years". Or, it was just stated by me. Whatever.

The band has created its own sound on this album, distancing themselves from the Slayer comparisons. The music is aggressive and powerful, featuring fast riffs and faster guitar solos. The songs are a little on the longer side, only one song is less than five minutes. The riffs repeat endlessly, giving the listener the effect of being steamrolled. It is angry, violent music.

Evile has been considered by many people to be one of the better "retro thrash" bands and they prove why here. This is a very good up-and-coming band. Along with Warbringer and Skeletonwitch, Evile proves there is some originality in this mostly backwards-looking movement.

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