Monday, May 18, 2009

Thrash and Burn Tour 2009

Hypothetical question: If one were to hear of a metal festival tour named Thrash and Burn, one would expect to find a thrash metal band, correct?

One would be wrong.

There are nine bands on this tour lineup, not a single thrash metal group there. I don't have much of a problem with the lineup, although I wouldn't personally go and I don't care much for many of the bands, but the creators should consider changing the name to something that does not imply thrash metal when there are ZERO thrash metal bands.

DevilDriver: Closest to thrash, more of a groove metal band with some melodic death metal influences.

Emmure: tough-guy hardcore band similar to Hatebreed. Not metal.

Despised Icon: Deathcore band.

My Children, My Bride: Hardcore band with some metal influences and Christian at that, not fucking metal.

Veil of Maya: Technical deathcore band named after a terrific song by Cynic.

For the Fallen Dreams: Metalcore. Looks kind of emo-ish.

Oceano: Deathcore band.

Periphery: No idea, never heard of them. Sounds like deathcore to me.

Red River Revival: Southern sludge metal band, formerly named Artimus Pyledriver.

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