Monday, November 26, 2012

Mortalicum Interview

As I think I have mentioned many times on this blog, there has been a resurgence in 1970's/1980's style heavy metal.  You know, the classic stuff, stuff like Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, and others.  Much of it is incredibly catchy and melodic.  One such band that I had the chance to review earlier is an upstart group from Sweden called Mortalicum.  Their album is a contender for Metallattorney's Album of the Year.  So I jumped at the opportunity to interview the band.  After the jump, you can see answers from bassist Patrick Backlund.

1. Who is Mortalicum and what are you about?

Mortalicum are four dudes paying tribute to the good sounds of 70's and 80's hard rock. We enjoy being together, we enjoy making and recording music and last but not least, we absolutely love playing live!

2. What were some of Mortalicum's musical influences?

Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy etc. All those classic great bands!

3. There has been a wave of bands playing traditional heavy metal and doom metal recently. How did Mortalicum get started playing that style?

At first it was just me. I wanted to get a band together playing a straight-forward heavy kind of hard rock. After the usual early struggles with the line-up we settled with the current one. The sound has been defined along the way since all four bring their own thing to the complete mix. We don't follow any trends, we don't try hard to sound like something special... we just play the music we like and sound the way we do.

4. Are there any plans to hit the road to promote this album?

Well, we just came back from a two-gig trip in Malta. First we played at the Malta Doom Metal festival, then a club-gig the day after with a couple of other bands from that festival. It was an amazing trip in all aspects. We want to play more live, that's for sure and hopefully we can get the chance on other festivals around Europe.

5. Sweden, of course has a rich metal history. How difficult is it for an upstart band to gain attention in that crowded scene?

Locally in Sweden it's quite hard actually. The competition is tough, but all we can do is make quality music and perform on top when we get the chance.

6. The album has kind of an ominous, apocalyptic feel to it. What inspired you to write this way?

Many of the lyrics are inspired by the end of the world prophecies so I guess that kind of set the bar... haha! I guess lyrically, I'm quite fascinated in writing about the unknown, about life and death and the struggles within. We aimed to put together an album that both felt consistent and diverse at the same time. I think we managed quite well in the end.

7. Do you have any interesting stories to tell from the road or the recording studio?

Oh, were to start... well, many things that happened during the tours in UK and in Malta can never be spoken of... to protect the innocent... haha! The best about getting out and playing abroad is the chance to meet with fellow brothers and sisters in Metal. It's so much fun and rewarding and the laughs are too many to count really.

8. Thank you for the interview. Please take this opportunity to promote your album.

Thank you Brad! These kind of interviews are highly appreciated! Support the underground, buy the albums!

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